is a ‘for youth, by youth’ brand, and so we wanted to create a piece of communication that captures the free spirit of the youth of today.
The nature of today’s youth means that they won’t respond to staged and fake advertising. They’ve seen it all, and their visual literacy is higher than it has ever been.
And so we created a clothing and retail ad in a traditional TV environment, but in a completely authentic and fresh way, a way that no other fashion retailer in South Africa would be able to.
We went against the status quo of perfectly made-up models in crisp products, prettily smiling at the camera, and decided to rather showcase our products realistically, being worn by the target audience, and being treated the way the audience would treat them.
The result: an ad that the youth of today can and do appreciate, because the ad was created by and with people who not only understand them, but are them.
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